The roots & branching out

Inspired by the thought of balance and connection, between masculine and feminine energy, nature and culture, flow and structure, old and new. Our pieces tell a story of harmony through its prints, processes and materials. Our name is chosen to reflect this balance. 


Living and working out of our home ground in Jaipur, we are surrounded by the cultural richness, which we aspire to combine with contemporary aesthetics, so it’s truly an end product of what we are experiencing at this moment, the heritage that should live on in an ever-changing world.


The resources

Our prints are hand drawn and then transferred on carefully chosen fabrics. 

Every print we make, carries an ecosystem within it. 

It speaks of a world that is self sustainable, which continues to live on if not tampered with. This represents our philosophy in choosing and drawing the motifs for our prints. 

Our prints are our language to communicate with you, express our opinions and develop a deeper relationship. 

The techniques that we use are a part of our culture. The communities we work identify with their work before they associate themselves to a caste or a location. We aim to bring you and these communities closer.

Our cotton comes from the weavers in the south of India, and our chanderi comes from the communities in Madhya Pradesh, these clusters work out of their home, and open up their hearts and their treasure of talent to us. We connect with them directly so there is no middleman encroaching on their freedom and our creative philosophy. Our fabrics are biodegradable and produce the least amount of waste in combustion. 

The buttons we use for our pieces are made of sea shells, wood or fibre, which are locally sourced. 

Our labels are hand printed and hand cut, and our tags are made of recycled paper. 

We ship out our products with love in a recyclable tote bag that is made out of cutoffs from our collection.

At every step, we try to ensure that our product leaves you with less to discard, and an even lesser carbon footprint on the planet.

The outcome

Every em & shi piece passes through many skill-full hands.

Every piece is made in our quaint workshop in Jaipur, following a slow process to carry out our production and minimise waste. To truly commit to slow fashion, we make our pieces only on order. 

Every piece that is made, is created specially for you.