an em & shi piece

We, at em & shi, only work with biodegradable fabrics, the buttons we use for our pieces are made of natural materials like sea shells, wood or fiber, so everything in our piece can return to the soil eventually.

Every em & shi piece passes through many skill-full hands, which is why we define the time to make it , in artisan hours. Every garment is made in our quaint workshop in Jaipur, following a slow process to carry out our production and minimise waste.

To truly commit to slow fashion, we make our pieces only on order. Every piece that is made, is crafted and worked on specially for you.

Sweet Sweet Lavender

Print Story 005

For all things summer & beautiful. 

Light weight pieces in linen & up-cycled fabrics to transport you to a sunnier state of mind. 

Designed for the careless lazy days that begin with a stroll on the country side and mid-day picnics filled with soulful conversations with good friends.