The sun’s gleaming longer! We are ready to run free this summer break... The first thing on the list is a shopping spree for summer-friendly outfits, our inner child is as happy as a clam. But adulting is making us well aware of everything happening around us. Our thinking caps are on and we have responsible decisions to make. Here are 5 environment-friendly tools for you, to shop guilt-free.
1. recheck the overflowing wardrobe 
See if you can accidentally surprise yourself with any brand new unworn clothes hiding deep inside your wardrobe. Another fun thing is to style the outfits we already have in multiple ways, YouTube and Instagram come in handy to teach us the mix and match styling to create new outfits.
2. make a list of what you need
Be it vacation or a staycation, always calls for a checklist. We don't wanna miss any fun, list what's needed. Discuss with yourself or even better with your shopping buddy you often wardrobe swap. Plan your budget too, being pocket-friendly is a win-win. 
3. lookout for vegan fashion
Vegan options are easy on the skin and the environment. Google is our best friend when it comes to answering all our questions. Check the websites for the details if they are vegan and cruelty-free brands. If you are not able to find the answer, send an email to the company & they’ll be happy to respond. 
4. quality is a must
We have to be conscious regarding the material we choose. A good quality outfit will reduce the need of shopping frequently. And we’ll be more than happy when our favourite outfit doesn't rip after hard wear. Spending money on quality outfits is an investment made for a better tomorrow. 
5. donate! don't discard
Sometimes we outgrow our outfits or simply don't feel like wearing ’em. The best option is to donate them while eyeing new outfits. While we discard outfits they will end up as landfills and stay on earth, it's bad news for animals on land and water. Folks in the United Kingdom can donate their viable outfits through ‘Change 1's life’ one of the prominent NGOs, in the USA the ‘American Red Cross’ and many more.